Dr. Amod Manocha - Pain Specialist In Delhi

Thank you for keeping me motivated

I went to Dr Manocha for post operative pain after my hernia surgery. Before going to him I went to many pain clinics and had to suffer because of their wrong diagnosis and treatment. Dr Manocha did a thorough diagnosis to exactly pinpoint the disease. He gave more than 40 minutes in the first meeting. He is a truthful person as he doesn’t give you any false hopes and informs you about everything on your face. He treated me in a step by step manner and I got good results by Pulsed Radio frequency treatment. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and I suggest anyone with similar conditions to go to him for a holistic treatment.

Shivam Mehta

Amazing doctor that we cannot recommend enough. Really good at his craft - picks of signs and symptoms sometimes even before you spell everything out. Extremely transparent in sharing his assessment (eg if he thinks he doesn’t have a solution for your pain, he will say it). Gives enough and more time during consultation to understand the issue and not just prescribe medicine but do a proper consultation. My mother was in immense pain due to post herpes neuralgia and we tried a lot of doctors and medicine but nothing worked. When we hesitantly called Dr Amod (didn’t even know back then that there are pain mgmt consultants) - it turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

Abhishek Shrivastava

I visited Dr Manocha for chronic pain in Back and Pelvis . Dr Manocha tried to understand about the problem and past history for more than 20 mins before suggesting any medication. Within 5-6 days my pain got relieved. I would definitely recommend anyone suffering from chronic back and pelvis pain to Dr Manocha. Dr Manocha’s team also helped me with some of my queries post doctors visit (5-6 days later). A big thank you. His online videos are also quite helpful in understanding the underlying problem.

Rahul Shaw

I meet Dr Amod Manocha a good man with well behaviour. He listened me very patiently and advise me best medicine to cure my back pain. It's amazing, I feel better after taking 1st dose. He did not suggest me unnecessary test which other doctor do in present day. Patient visit to doctor for treatment but now a days doctors suggest so many test before advising any medicine without thinking financial condition of patients. But his approach is different, he suggest medicine first, if not cured then advise test 2nd. I will suggest all back pain patient to meet such a fabulous doctor for treatment. He understand patients physical, mental and financial condition. This is most important. We visit best doctor for best treatment but all those necessary and unnecessary test make patient inconvenient and we can't continue our treatment and left it on middle saying that's it. We pray to God and rest to luck. I salute this Doctor as true gentleman.

Sahidul Kalam

I think when I came with my grandmother to Max Hospital, it would have been better for us if we would have started with doctor Manocha.

NM, Congo, Africa

I wanted to let you know that post the injection that you had given to my mother she has had much relief and is walking short distances with relative ease. She is no longer wearing her support belt. Her intensity of pain is a lot less and she now has just a mild ache in the lower lumber region. We are extremely grateful to you for the treatment and wanted to convey the feedback and our thanks!

Mr. P, Singapore

Thank you for being a good kind ethical and caring doctor. I really appreciate the time and expertise you have given to my son.

Mrs. AD, Delhi

I am really thrilled and happy that I came to visit Dr Amod Manocha for my backache in time and now I am well and fit to join my duty after 3-4 days of treatment. Good job Sir.

Ms. PZ, Delhi

I am very satisfied with the medical treatment and good advise from the doctor. My pain is 50 % reduced with the treatment.

Mrs. UR, Delhi

Dr. Amod explained my condition very well. His interaction made me comfortable and worry less of my problem. He was one of the best with whom I interacted in a while.

Ms. PJ, Delhi

Dr. Manocha is outstanding in his field. He brings comfort zones while interacting with patients and relieves anxiety of patient.

Mrs. SS, Delhi

Dr. Amod listened to all relevant / non relevant details and history to retrieve the faith of patient. Patient is extremely satisfied. Thanks a lot Doctor. Dr. Manocha is an asset to Hospital & Humanity.

Mrs. G's Family

I am happy with all explanations about treatment.

Mr. MB, Guwahati

I was suffering from very severe and debilitating lower back pain that was radiating down my left leg for almost two weeks. It prevented me from sitting up, standing, bending or walking and I could only lie down on my right side. I visited Dr. Amod Manocha at Max Saket after it got worse despite complete bed rest for close to two weeks. He took time to understand my problems and concerns, did a quick physical examination and prescribed a few medicines and blood tests. Within 24 hours of starting the medicines I was able to sit, stand and walk to a good extent! It's now close to two weeks since then and my pain is almost gone. I am on to the next step to recovery and I highly recommend him!

Shuchita Jain

Excellent Doctor. Dr Amod Manocha combines competence, caring and compassion. Some Doctors begin the healing process with just the right attitude in their interaction with the patient. He is one such Doctor. He has been treating my mother for pain due to an oncological tumour in the spine and he managed to ger her acute pain and suffering under control with the right combination of medicines. Thank you Doctor.

Ranjit Singh Walia

I took my mother-in-law to Dr.Amod after reading helpful reviews. She is above 55 with grade 2 Osteoarthritis, doctors suggested knee replacement surgery, which she wanted to avoid. Therefore, we approached doctor for pain management. He is one of a kind doctor who listens to the problem with patience, he is not in a rush, gives ample time to assess the patient, he also made sure that i translate every last detail to my mother in law as she only speaks Telugu. He also helped us in getting refund from the vendor who overcharged us for the medicine. My mother in law is feeling better, did not feel any inconvenience during the procedure, no excruciating pain so far. Treatment is ongoing, will update later. I had to give the review as the reviews helped me to go and visit the doctor. God bless him.

Gracy Milan

Dr. Manocha, thank you so much. You are really a nice person.

Mr SD, Pakistan

Very Pleased with examination and explanation of treatment.

Mrs. PD, USA

Dr. Amod Manocha is not only a pain specialist but also a very good human being. He considers his patients pain as his own pain and treats accordingly. He has very good brain and heart.

Mr. GA, Delhi

Dr. Manocha seems to be a genuine pain management specialist unlike several others holding a bunch of high sounding degrees both Indian and foreign.

Mr. GCA, Delhi

A very patient listener. Ready to discuss any problem any number of times. Very reassuring. Explains each problem in a very simple way. Prescribes hardly any medicines but the few that he does work very well. Highly recommended . Thank you!

Mrs. HK, Faridabad

Dr. Manocha at the pain clinic @Max is extremely professional, knowledgeable, co-operative, helpful and patiently and politely answers all our queries. We are very satisfied by his treatment and would definitely recommend him to others. Thanks.

Mr. GM, Delhi

I have extreme pain in my left arm arising from post herpetic neuralgia. Under guidance of Dr. Manocha and his team and the treatment given, I am feeling better now and hope to overcome the issue under his treatment.

Mr. JM, Delhi

Dr. Amod is one of those doctors who treat the patient like a family member. I am really grateful.

Mr. AG, Delhi

Dr. Amod is a good consultant and he explained everything in detail and good manner. I will approach others also who are having same problem.

Mrs. SM, Delhi

Most professional doctor I have seen in my entire life; professional to the extent, that he himself arranges all the pre-op equipment in absence of other staff members. Way to go.

Mr. MM, Delhi

Extremely rewarding interaction with Dr Manocha in every way.

Mrs PS, Delhi

I had satisfactory conversation with the Doctor, he carried out a detailed examination. I like that he has suggested observation for now.

Mr PG, Delhi

This doctor is very helpful, supportive and extremely patient.

Mrs NR, Faridabad

Very good doctor, explained everything well. Provides good treatment

Mr. AAD, Delhi

Examined well, listened to all problems and gave good suggestions.

Mr. AK, Delhi

This doctor is very helpful, supportive and extremely patient.

Mr. PRR, Delhi

You have such a great personality. I have never seen a doctor with so much honesty. I am hopeful for my treatment and I got 100% confidence that I will be fine soon In sha Allah, and really happy to see you. Thank you for everything.

Mr. AA, Delhi

I am Ashish dhingra I met with Dr Amod manocha (pain management) he is best doctor I never seen in my life I was suffering frm my neck pain I got some Disbalance in my neck n that was so painful even my neck was not moving then I have consulant with Dr manocha after having consultation and taking his medicine I can move my neck . My experience was very good I’m getting good result . His behaviour with the patient was to good he treated me like his own family I’m so thankful to Dr Amod

Ashish Dhingra

I was suffering from my neck pain for more than a year and I was looking on internet "the best pain specialist" in Delhi and I went to Dr Amod Manocha he stared treatment by identifying the root cause by asking several question regarding my family history medicines i have been taking with how it has started and what not, After that he has identified the right root cause and without any medicine my neck pain has gone it's been two weeks I am not facing any challenge with my neck pain that too without medicine, surgery or a steroid he has an excellent knowledge in the area of pain and he knows how to connect the dots to solve your problem, Highly Recommended.

Vishal Chaubey

A doctor with exemplary treatment skills. He listens to patients properly. With his indepth knowledge & care diagnosis make patient understand problem in a very clear, crisp manner & tries to help them as much as possible. Thanks a lot Sir for giving me good treatment . I highly recommend visiting him for consultation & treatment.

Roopam Bisht

I am suffering from L5/6 bulge & ostorisis arthritis & suffering acute pain. I consulted three orthopedic surgeon but could not get any relief. I come to know about Dr Amod Manocha who is expert in pain management at Max hospital saket Delhi.I met him , explained him my problem.After getting his treatment I got relief 80% in my pain with in three weeks. I am very much satisfied by his treatment & recmond others to get his expertise if they have any back pain etc.

Sudha Jain

We are thankful to Dr. Amod Manocha for his rich experience and professional approach.

Mrs Z.C., Turkmenistan

It was worth visiting. Sir explains the causes in detail and later performs the most apt procedures. Patient is now completely fine. In his excellent way of examination nothing gets excluded. As a person he is very polite and helpful. I must recommend others to get a consultancy for any pain, and I am sure you will come out with happy face.

Mrs. PL's Family, Assam

I have had an unmatched experience. Dr. Amod Manocha patiently listened to my symptoms of pain in all the areas of my body viz legs, thigh and arm. It was followed by detailed investigations. After examining the reports and his clinical examination at length, he explained my condition. The treatment advised by him has been followed by me since about 6 weeks after which I feel far better and consider that I have achieved about 80% relief. Such as experience by me is a rarity in our country.

Mrs. PN, Noida

I felt very much relaxed and satisfied after meeting the doctor. He listened to all my problems calmly and politely answered them all. I think half of the problems are resolved and sickness is cured if we meet a good doctor like you. Thank you.

Ms. DS, India

Dr. Manocha is awesome. He is caring and is utmost concern is patient comfort. I always feel like I get plenty of time to explain my issues without being rushed. I am thankful to Dr. Bajaj who referred me to Dr. Manocha.

Mrs. MM, Delhi

Dr. Amod Manocha is extremely cooperative and helps a patient come out of their pain with ease. Thanks to him for listening patiently to my mother and for giving his precious time.

Mrs K.A.'s Family, Punjab

I am very satisfied with treatment and advice given.

Mrs UR, India

Felt comfortable discussing my issues and got practical solutions.

Mr MM, Delhi

Thanks to Dr. Amod Manocha ji for patient friendly investigation of pain. Dr. Manocha ji was very honest in explaining the problem and treatment. Very kind, professional.

Mr. SS, Delhi

Very patient doctor who knows his craft well.

Mrs. NP, Gurugram

Dr. Manocha explained the procedure very well.

Ms. RG, UP

Today I met Dr. Amod Manocha. I am satisfied with his advice. Very good examination. In my opinion he is a very good doctor. Thanks

Mr. S

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