Dr. Amod Manocha - Pain Specialist In Delhi
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain, but for
the heart to conquer it... Rabindranth Tagore


Dr. Dan Mihaylov

Consultant in Pain Management and Anaesthesia
Lead Clinician of the Chronic Pain Department
Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
United Kingdom

I have had the privilege of having Dr. Manocha as a professional colleague in London for more than 7 years.

Dr. Manocha is an outstanding pain management Consultant who has deep knowledge and extensive experience in all main areas of practice. He particularly excels in interventional pain management. One of Dr Manocha’s many strengths is his clinical decision making ability which allows him to choose the optimal management plan for each individual patient.

Above all, Dr. Manocha is an excellent doctor who always puts his patients’ interests first and works in partnership with them.

Dr. Thomas Samuel

Clinical Director & Chronic Pain Consultant,
Pain Management Services
Lister Hospital, Stevenage, UK

Dr. Amod Manocha was a consultant colleague of mine at Lister hospital, Stevenage UK until he moved to Delhi in 2017. He was a much loved and respected doctor amongst his peers here and we were sorry to see him leave. He is an excellent clinician and is a genuinely caring doctor for whom the welfare and safety of his patients is a priority. He is very well versed in pain procedures and interventions and in fact teaches other doctors on international courses. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a pain consultant to anyone and would rate him highly. It has been a privilege and pleasure knowing him and wish him all the very best in all his future endeavours. I have no doubt he will continue to provide the highest level of care with competence and compassion to his patients.

Dr. Christos Angelis

Acute Pain Lead
Hinchingbrooke Hospital, UK

I had the opportunity to meet Amod in Lister Hospital as a colleague and friend, I was impressed with his knowledge and skills, as well his calm and supportive personality. He is a great Pain Specialist and has had special training in evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of different types of pain. His Pain management skills involve a wide spectrum of disorders including acute, chronic and cancer pain. He has deep knowledge of the physiology of pain and great ability to evaluate patients with complicated pain problems. He is very skilful in performing interventional pain procedures using a variety of techniques and incorporating new technologies.

Amod ran the Acute pain team with dedication and passion. He provided significant input in coordination of the pain nurses, physical therapy, psychological therapy and rehabilitation programs in the structure of pain team. His collaboration with the rest of Pain and Anaesthetic consultants was excellent and he always went the extra mile in patient care and safety. Amod was passionate in teaching and he initiate the departmental regional anaesthesia teaching.

Furthermore when I took over the role of Acute Pain Lead in my new hospital he was very supportive in my first steps and that was something that has been really appreciated by my team.

Dr. Sundeep Gupta

General Practitioner
Amtan Pacific Pines
Queensland, Australia

I have known Dr Amod both personally and professionally for more than 20 years. He is a good friend and an esteemed colleague. I have always found him to be hard working and he has excellent communication skills. He has trained in India and UK and chose to practice his skills in India so he can help his patients in his hometown where there is still a shortage of good pain specialists.

As a person he is honest and hard working which I feel are essential skills to be a good doctor.

With him looking after you, you are in the best hands and I would trust him to look after my family in their hour of need.

Dr. Shravan Kumar Tirunagari

Consultant Pain Medicine
Watford General Hospital
West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

I know Dr. Manocha very well from his early days of training in London. Amod is very professional and thorough in his approach, which has earned him many friends among UK doctors as well as respect from his patients. I like his expertise in dealing with complex cases with ease. Despite working in world reputed London pain hospitals he is down to earth. If I ever had any pain issues, I would be very happy being treated by him.

I wish him very best in future.

Shourjo Chatterjee

Accountant General (Jammu & Kashmir), India

Profile: Shourjo Chatterjee is a senior civil servant with the Government of India

I had been suffering from constant pain in my right wrist since 2012. I tried different types of treatments including physiotherapy for three years but there was only temporary relief. In 2016, while on a visit to London, I came across Dr. Manocha on a recommendation of my friend. He gave me a patient hearing and to my surprise suggested an entirely different course of treatment to what I had gone through before. As usual I got relief from my pain, but the pleasant part was that it hasn't come back in the last two years. It's nice to know that Dr. Manocha is now back in India. I wish him and his patients the very best.

Dr. Osnat Wende

Senior Pain Physician,
Hadassah University Teaching Hospital, Israel

From the short time I have known and worked with Dr. Manocha, I was impressed, not only by his broad knowledge and methodical approach to patient evaluation, but by his open-mindedness. Rarely have I encountered pain physicians willing to consider a variety of treatment options for a particular case, some of which may be less known by the medical profession.

Dr. Manocha is constantly enriching his tool-box in order to be able to provide the best option for each individual patient. My impressions of Dr. Manocha as a colleague reflect those written by his patients.


Dr. Amod Manocha - Pain specialist doctor in Delhi

Dr. Amod Manocha

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