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Quest For The Best Pain Doctor

Quest For The Best Pain Doctor

December 17, 2018

Globally 1 in 10 adults are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. Some accept pain as a part of ageing process and others make peace with it as they have been told that nothing can be done. But is that so?

With age you do become more prone to developing conditions such as arthritis but for most people pain control can be optimised to reduce the impact on quality of life. This requires willing to invest time and effort on part of the affected individual.

Choosing your Pain Specialist

In the field of medicine learning continues for life and keeping up to date with the latest evidence, technological developments are essential. Understandably, around the world, there is a huge variability in the pain treatments offered based on local expertise, risks involved, ethical and social considerations, lifestyles, patient expectations and believes. Treatment cost has a huge bearing on the offered/ accepted treatment modalities.

When it comes down to choosing your doctor everyone wants the best. Not the second to best but the best. So how do you decide who is best? Or is there something like the best doctor?

  • For most individuals if a doctor in the media/limelight and treats renowned people then he must be good
  • For others if the doctors name comes high up on internet search engines then he/she is assumed to be good
  • Some rely on the feedback/ experiences of previous patients
  • Word of mouth or recommendation is important for some
  • Perhaps a foreign degree/ experience is a clincher for others

If I had to choose, who treats my pain, I would not be looking at just the doctor, but also for the setup he works in. For me the key question is – will he/she be able to offer me the comprehensive services required for a long lasting solution to my pain issues.

The most important component of treatment plan is diagnosing the source on problem (if possible) and deciding on what can be done for sustained, long-lasting benefits. This requires contribution from the individual in the form of life style modifications, weight management, regular physiotherapy etc. The process starts with education patient about his condition, advice on do’s and don’ts …is your best doctor willing to spend time on these???

Equally important is to be reasonable assured that your doctor has received the necessary training and experience to safely deliver the proposed treatments

For me I need a specialist

  • Who understands pain
  • Who looks at pain not just as a symptom, but as a disease and
  • Tries to reduce the impact on life
  • Someone who is willing to make a difference, to work with me and help me move towards my goals
  • Someone who may not have all the answers but is willing to search for them

Someone for whom every pain is a mystery…. waiting to be solved…. One consultation with the Doctor should be more than enough for you to gauge whether you are with your best doctor or do you still need to carry on searching….. Good Luck

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