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Dr. Amod Manocha - Pain Specialist In Delhi
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Dr. Amod Manocha - Pain specialist doctor in Delhi

Dr. Amod Manocha

Senior Consultant & Head - Pain Management Services

Dr. Amod Manocha is a Senior Consultant and Head of Pain Management Services at Max Multispecialty Hospital, Saket. He is trained as a Pain Management Specialist and an Anaesthetist in the UK. He has over 13 years of work experience in the UK including working as a Chronic Pain Consultant in many UK hospitals. Dr. Manocha believes in multidisciplinary approach and providing evidence-based treatments at par with international standards. He is committed to providing quality care and believes in building long-term relationship with patients based on honest communication and keeping their interests foremost.

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Pain Specialist in Delhi and Gurgaon

Dr. Amod Manocha is a leading pain medicine expert. He helps patients with all kinds of chronic pain conditions including back pain, neck pain, joint pain and nerve pain. For him every pain is an unsolved mystery that doesn’t let him rest. Dr. Manocha and his team offers evidence based, non-surgical treatments using multi disciplinary approach to maximise your gain.

Pain Management In Delhi And Gurgaon

We provide Comprehensive Solutions

  • Back Pain & Sciatica Treatment In Delhi and Gurgaon

    Back Pain & Sciatica

    In simple words, low back pain can be defined as pain experienced in the bottom region of spine between lower margins. Read More »

  • Cancer Pain Treatment In Delhi

    Cancer Pain Treatment

    Pain in cancer may arise due to many reasons and is often the presenting complaint leading to the diagnosis of cancer. Read More »

  • Neck and Arm Pain Treatment In Delhi

    Neck (Cervical) & Arm Pain

    Neck Pain is a pain posteriorly anywhere between the skull base and thoracic spine. It is the largest cause. Read More »

  • Thoracic spine and Chest wall Pain Treatment In Delhi

    Thoracic Spine

    This section covers pain anywhere between shoulders to the bottom of ribs. It can arise from. Inside the thoracic cavity. Read More »

  • Coccyx Pain Treatment In Delhi

    Coccyx Pain

    Coccyx or tailbone is the last bone at the end of the spine. Pain in the region of tailbone is called coccydynia. Read More »

  • Joint and Musculoskeletal Pain Management In Delhi

    Musculoskeletal Pain

    Globally, musculoskeletal pain is a common reason of disability and seeking medical advice. It may be localised. Read More »

  • Neuropathic Pain Management In Delhi

    Neuropathic Pain

    Neuropathic or nerve pain arises as a result to damage or improper functioning of the nerves/nervous system. Read More »

  • Pelvic Pain Treatment In Delhi

    Pelvic Pain

    Pudendal nerve is one of the main nerves of the pelvis, with one nerve on each side. It runs from the lower back. Read More »

  • UK Trained & Accredited Pain Consultant

    Successfully managed thousands of chronic pain patients in UK & India

    What Our Patients Say

  • Pain specialist doctor in Delhi I wanted to let you know that post the injection that you had given to my mother she has had much relief and is walking short distances with relative ease. She is no longer wearing her support belt. Her intensity of pain is a lot less and she now has just a mild ache in the lower lumber region. We are extremely grateful to you for the treatment and wanted to convey the feedback and our thanks! Best pain specialist in Delhi

    Mr. P, Singapore

  • Pain specialist doctor in Delhi Dr. Amod Manocha is not only a pain specialist but also a very good human being. He considers his patients pain as his own pain and treats accordingly. He has very good brain and heart. Best pain specialist in Delhi

    Mr. GA, Delhi

  • Pain specialist doctor in Delhi Thank you for being a good kind ethical and caring doctor. I really appreciate the time and expertise you have given to my son. Best pain specialist in Delhi

    Mrs. AD, Delhi

  • Pain specialist doctor in Delhi Dr. Manocha seems to be a genuine pain management specialist unlike several others holding a bunch of high sounding degrees both Indian and foreign. Best pain specialist in Delhi

    Mr. GCA, Delhi

  • Pain specialist doctor in Delhi A very patient listener. Ready to discuss any problem any number of times. Very reassuring. Explains each problem in a very simple way. Prescribes hardly any medicines but the few that he does work very well. Highly recommended . Thank you!Best pain specialist in Delhi

    Mrs. HK, Faridabad

  • Best pain specialist in Delhi and GurgaonBack pain treatment in Delhi and Gurgaon
    Pain management centre in Delhi and GurgaonPain specialist doctor in Delhi and Gurgaon
    Pain Clinic In Delhi and Gurgaon
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